10 Ice Cream Hacks You Should Try This Summer

Nothing beats the heat of summer like a delicious scoop of ice cream. However, you might want to say goodbye to regular old vanilla and raise your ice cream game by a notch. Here are ten clever ice cream hacks to keep you cool this summer, and keep your taste buds satisfied!

Cookie Dough Bowls
Never eat ice cream out of a regular bowl again. It would be best if you had your ice cream in bowls. Bowl made of cookie dough! Press your preferred cookie dough into a cup made from the muffin ceiling and bake until the cookie dough has stiffened. Allow cooling, then fill the bowl with the desired flavor of ice cream.

Ice Cream Cubes
Freeze your favorite ice cream in an ice cube tray for an instant milkshake. When you’re willing to make a milkshake, use the frozen ice cream cubes and throw them in a blender with a splash of milk.

Ice Cream Dots
Prepare it with your preferred yogurt flavors and frozen snacks. Scoop the flavored yogurt using the spoon onto your tray full of baking paper and place it in the freezer to remain solid before mixing it with ice cream, which has the same flavor and an extra taste.

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Put ice cream between two cookies to create your DIY ice cream sandwich. You may prepare cookies from scratch or bake them in the store, but it’s safe to say that anything you place in the middle is a winner. Sprinkle sides with sticks, nuts, or chocolates.

Mason Jar Ice Cream
To make this ice cream, you don’t need an ice cream maker. Combine cream, sugar, and vanilla in a mason jar and shake for five minutes. Toss it in the fridge for a few hours, and you have homemade ice cream.

Coffee Dip
Dip your vanilla ice cream cone in cold brew coffee for a fancy flavor. The coffee will only need to touch the ice cream a little. The coffee flavor that is combined with the ice cream is the best on a hot day. It also has a creamy texture.

Ice Cream Hot Chocolate
Cover a scoop of ice cream with hot cocoa, and eat it, the ice cream will melt into a creamy and frothy mixture creating an unusual but delicious drink. This drink is fantastic not only in winter but also in summer. To boost the flavor, add some coffee.

Toasted Marshmallow Topping
Broil marshmallows in the oven feeder or use a kitchen torch, top them on ice cream, and eat the result product. The golden marshmallow pairs nicely with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It also gives the top a spongy texture.

Zesty Lemonade
Lemon juice is squeezed onto a scoop of vanilla or sorbet ice cream. The dessert revitalizes your tongue and makes it easier to consume sweet foods on hot days. Use a single lemon squeeze to go along with the regular sorbet and ice cream.

Cereal Crunch
Sprinkle cereal on top of your ice cream for a delightful treat. Fill the bowl about two or three marshmallows.

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