6 Ways to Quit Sugar For Good

RehumanizeSugar is everywhere in the new era diet, frequently disguised in produce that wouldn’t give you a clue. Reducing or eliminating sugar from your diet may seem challenging, but it’s a crucial step towards better health. There are six proven ways to help you cope effectively with sugar withdrawal symptoms and eventually become free from sugar addiction.

1. Understand Where Sugar Hides

Quitting sugar means finding out where it hides on the food you eat. Hidden sugar in our diet can commonly be found in unsuspected foods such as sauces, canned soups, bread, and even salad dressings. Moreover, learning how to read and analyze labels has become indispensable. Sugar also comes in different names such as “corn syrup,” “dextrose,” “fructose,” “maltose,” and many other. Once you become aware of the hidden sugars, you can make more informed choices.

2. Gradually Reduce Your Intake

Going cold turkey on sugar can be very frustrating and will only increase the craving. It’s a good idea, however, to gradually cut down sugar. Go step by step by excluding the obvious like sugary drinks, sweet snacks, and desserts. Then begin to phase out of disharmony of sugar as well as things that are not so bad. This gradual approach allows your taste buds and body to adjust without feeling deprived.

3. Eat More Whole Foods

Fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, nuts, and seeds are excellent examples of whole foods that naturally have low sugar content and high nutrient levels. Hence, by focusing on whole foods, you can say goodbye to the prepared foods which often have added sugars. In addition to this, the nutrients in whole foods give fiber to the body, which stabilizes your blood sugar level and helps you to stay satiated for long.

4. Find Healthy Substitutes

You can satisfy your sugar cravings by using natural sweeteners and avoid high fructose corn syrup. Try to eat a piece of fruit instead of a candy bar that includes fiber besides the natural sugars and packed with essential nutrients. Spices are also helpful as they can make the meal taste sweet without including sugar. For instance, put cinnamon and vanilla into your protein smoothies to add flavor without adding calories.

5. Plan Your Meals

Have a meal plan. This will help you avoid the temptation of sugary snacks. It becomes the best alternative to haul junk food type of snacks since everything you eat is according to your plan, and the snacks will not be attractive anymore in equal measure as they are. Your meals should consist of healthy fats, protein, complex carbohydrates. Ensure your meals are packed with nutrients so that your blood sugar levels are kept stable and you can control your cravings.

6. Stay Hydrated

It is natural to be dehydrated or feel thirsty especially if you have eaten salty or sugary meals earlier. Indeed, drinking enough water can be a better option to stay hydrated and not get overpowered by sugary snacks. Moreover, having a cup of herbal teas or make a fruit juice or infuse water with some herbs and fruits are also worth trying if you need sweet but low sugar drink options.


Combating sugar for good is a challenging but very rewarding journey as one starts getting right from the very beginning. And this is a journey that begins with awareness, minor changes, and dedication to healthy choices. Reducing your sugar intake with this method can help you stop your sugar addiction and have a healthy life. Using the above stipulated techniques, besides knowing which types of foods contain sugar, observing your sugar consumption, concentrating on whole foods, finding savory subs, planning your meals and staying hydrated, you can use various proactive ways of combating sugar addiction and reaching the goal of consuming sugar lesser or drop it completely. It is wise to code of habits that you know you can be able to execute for the rest of your life, which in turn, gives you a secured life days and improved the longevity.

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